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Basic package includes stay and 3 meals. There are options to add on, like: Guided herbal walks; Taking some fish back home; Observing commercial net fishing, etc. For example if you have a family of 4 who wants to stay, but only two people want options, so we made it possible to have add on options.

Delicious meals are prepared from scratch with the highest quality natural ingredients.

Dining is in main cabin with the ocean and mountains view and the creek, where salmon swims to spawn.

Or dining at the camp fire on the beach where creek meets the ocean.

Watching salmon swim in a little creek is a magic experience and its rare to find place to see this kind of magic.

Choosing more active or relax adventure is up to you. If you are more adventurous, you can join us on a commercial net fishing boat for a day and learn how salmon makes its way to the table.

Or for more relaxing vacation stay on the land, walk on the beach explore the forest, listen to the birds singing, and they are singing loud sometimes.

You can roam freely without fearing to meet a bear, Kalgin island is the only place in Alaska with no bears

Walk in beautiful meadows with millions of flowers,

Or hire Daiva to teach you how to identify, collect and prepare herbs.

Eating raspberries from the bush on the hill with ocean and mountains is a superior kind of meditation.

Feed the friendly fox, whenever she pleases to visit us in the yard.

Take pictures of your adventure

Learn how we smoke fish on real fire with driftwood;

and try a hand at cleaning the fish

Watch first hand how Daiva and David built such place on remote island Maybe living self reliant life inspire you to do the same or helped to decide to do otherwise, if you ever thought about off-grid living for yourself. The experience of staying on the island is extraordinary, the memories for a lifetime.

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